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Follow this step-by-step guide to install your vinyl peel-and-stick wallpaper like a pro!

1. Turn off the electricity.

Also , remove wall plates with a screwdriver.

2. Clean the walls thoroughly.
Dirt or dust on the surface can make the wallpaper lift from the wall.

3. Smooth over any cracks in the wall.
Apply crack filler to any cracks or holes in the wall with a putty knife, then wait for it to dry. Then sand smooth with fine-grit sandpaper.

4. Draw guidelines on the wall.
Using a measuring tape, mark the wall along the exact width of your wallpaper. Make a number of marks down the wall at the same distance, using a spirit level or ruler to connect these dots, so you have a clear guideline to apply your first wallpaper straight. 

5. Cut a length of the wallpaper 10cm longer than the wall’s height.
Softly draw a line using a pencil and straight edge (e.g. ruler or carpenters level). Cut the wallpaper along this line.

6. Line up the paper with the line drawn on the wall.
Begin at the ceiling and the top right corner of the wall, leaving about 5cm hanging over the top and below the floor. Carefully line up the wallpaper (ensure it is 100% straight from ceiling to floor) and starting from the top, peel away the backing and stick the top of the paper (as perfectly straight as possible) to the top of the wall. Slowly peel away more backing while flattening the freshly peeled paper to the wall using a brush or card.

7. Flatten the paper with a wallpaper brush or card.
Smooth the paper from the middle out, using enough pressure to force the bubbles out through the edges. If you do create some wrinkles, carefully pull a piece of the paper away from the wall until you reach the wrinkle, and press it out slowly.

9. Align the next piece to the first piece.
Match the patterns together as closely as possible. Apply your next piece of wallpaper, starting at the top, making sure to overlap the white margin to the right of the previous piece of wallpaper until the pattern lines up. Repeat as in step 7. 

For more detailed instructions, click here.

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